• Right Angle Pizza is our food & beverage venture, combining restaurant-of-the-future technology with quality ingredients and smart marketing.  We believe that pizza can be not only delicious, but actually nutritious, and we are out to prove it.
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  • We have a portfolio of 16 properties comprising approximately 100 acres within Los Angeles County, and are in the process of acquiring additional properties.
  • Our portfolio includes much land zoned for agriculture and residential, some of which we plan to make available for live/work situations (modern homesteads) to help ease the housing crisis in Los Angeles.  We also own land in the City of Lancaster that is zoned industrial and land in the City of Palmdale zoned as a quarry.  We intend to utilize these parcels to create innovative building materials and sustainable solutions for water and power.
  • Most of our property is in the Antelope Valley, but one parcel (3.2 acres) is in Malibu.  We are currently working with Earthship Biotecture on an innovative off-grid home for this property.
  • We are also planning a sustainable innovative mixed-use shopping mall concept. More information is available pending the completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

  • Pure Basketball League is a new idea for a professional basketball league that puts the fans and the players ahead of the profit motive.  It also rewards fair play and attempts to set the tone for a new set of norms in sport where competition does not squash wholesome values.
  • A business plan is currently available to all interested investors, pending the completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • Right Angle Publishing is the proud publisher of coming-of-age novel Supernova by L.B. Gold as well as other upcoming publications. To order a copy of Supernova, please click here.